When it’s time to remove your surplus equipment, Active Resource has the experience and expertise to manage the entire process. Working with your schedule, we will prepare, pack, wrap and remove your surplus equipment with efficiency and securely. Call us today and one of Active Resource’s purchasing executives will create a cost-effective and secure solution customized for your organizations needs.

When you need the removal of surplus equipment, you can trust Active Resource’s experience, knowledge and expertise to complete the job quickly, efficiently and securely. Our specialists are trained and qualified to handle your equipment throughout the entire process of your project, start to finish.

Always be assured you are getting the maximum valuation from your assets, and unlike many other firms – your quoted payment will be promptly received whether Active Resource sells the equipment or not.

Equipment Pick Ups:

Active Resource is well experienced in managing everything from small to large-scale cleanouts that require efficiency and safety to accomplish the job. Active Resource can arrange for specialized moving equipment to handle everything securely, and within your time constraints. Active Resource allows you to focus on your next project implementation and gives you peace of mind knowing that your surplus equipment is in the best hands possible.

Storage of Received Equipment:

Active Resource’s secure facility can handle any amount of equipment your organization may have. Rest assured knowing that your surplus equipment is secured and protected from any and all potential risks with Active Resource. While other companies may neglect to keep your surplus equipment in a protected environment, we at Active Resource understand your specific needs for confidentiality. Active Resource is the best in its field, with trust as one of our founding principles, we work extremely hard to both earn and keep your trust.


Your organization’s confidential or private data is far too important to allow just any IT recycler. At Active Resource, we provide the appropriate data security solution for your program, which will meet your unique requirements and protect your organization from the risks and liabilities associated with IT disposal. Through the use of our effective and efficient drive wiping software, Active KillDisk Pro, you can rest assured that any and all data from your surplus equipment is destroyed.

Please be aware that computer systems with all components intact, i.e. hard drive, RAM, power supply etc, will allow for greater financial gains for your organization. Complete units allow us to quickly and effectively inventory your surplus equipment, with assurance that hard drives have been 100% cleansed of any and all data.