QtyManufacturerModelDescriptionCommentsTypeID #
1Acer19.5/3.4219.5/3.42 - RT (1)Adapter1834
2AcerC731Chromebook, 19/2.37 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1871
1AcerC738TTouchscreen Chromebook, 19/2.37 Small Tip46 AC'sChromebook1816
23AcerC740Chromebook, 19/3.42 - USTNo AC's, LOC: CD4 (28) CD2: (10), CIMCO (24)Chromebook1812
1AcerV276HL26" Widescreen LCD MonitorLCD1822
38AcerN16Q13Chromebook, 19/2.37 - Ultra Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1682
10AcerC740Chromebook, 19/3.42 - Ultra Small TipNo AC's, LOC: CD2 (3), CIMCO (16)Chromebook1682
2AcerC731Chromebook, 19/2.37 Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1707
1Acer5532Athlon SC 1.6, 2GB, 160, DVD-RW, Vista, CAMTF-20, 19/3.42 Small TipLaptop1397
1Acer7750i5 DC 2.5, 6GB, 500, DVD-RW, 7, CAM, 19/4.74ST2nd GenLaptop1397
1Acer19V - 2.37A19V - 2.37A - UST(17)Adapter1830
15AcerC731Chromebook, 19/2.37 Small Tip72 A/C CountChromebook1801
1AcerC731Chromebook, 19/2.37 Small TipChromebook1783
1AcerX498Gi5 DC 3.2, 4GB, No HDD, DVD RW, No COA1st GenDesktop1909
1AcerZHNChromebook 19V 3.42AChromebook1627
9AcerC731Chromebook, 19/2.37 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1860
1AcerC720Chromebook, 19/3.42 - Ultra Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1618
1AcerC720Chromebook, 19/3.42 - Small TipNo ACChromebook1839
6AcerC740Chromebook 19/3.42AChromebook1739
1AcerCP311-3HChromebook 15V/3.0A - USB-CChromebook1863
9AcerC731Chromebook 19/2.37A - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1728
1Adtran5660RouterLOC: EBAYNetworking1778
1Adtran1524STGigabit Ethernet SwitchLOC: EBAYNetworking1778
1Adtran818Network Termination UnitLOC: EBAYNetworking1778
67AerohiveAP230Wireless Access PointNetworking1725
1AerohiveAP250Wireless Access PointNOT TESTEDNetworking1809
1AIRTAMEAT-DG2Wireless Presentation Device without BoxNetworking1471
1AnthroULB3636 Tblet Charging CartCart1394
1aocI2269VW22" LCD MonitorLCD1930
2AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1574
1AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB WiFi (Slate)iPad1537
5AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 64GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1569
6AppleA1893iPad 6th Gen - 128GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1569
3AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1537
7AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB WiFi (Black)iPad1537
1AppleA1822iPad 5th Gen - 32GB Wi-Fi (Black)iPad1570
1AppleMacBook Pro 15"i7 QC 2.5, 16GB, 256GB SSD, No OD, No OSMid-2015Laptop1861
1AppleA1893iPad 6th Gen - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1541
3AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1574
3AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB + WiFiiPad1545
7AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB WiFi (Silver)iPad1534
2AppleA1822iPad 5th Gen - 32GB WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1574
1AppleA1822iPad 5th Gen - 32GB WiFi (White)iPad1574
1AppleA1567iPad Air 2 - 64GB WiFi/Cellular (Space Gray)iPad1574
13AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB + WiFi (Black)No Blocks/CordsiPad1860
8AppleA1893iPad 6 - 32GB + WiFi (Space Gray)No Blocks/CordsiPad1860
8AppleA1822iPad 5 - 32GB WiFi (Silver)iPad1534
7AppleA1893iPad 6 - 32GB WiFi (Silver)iPad1534
7AppleMacBook Pro 15"i7 QC 2.2, 16GB, 256GB SSD, No OD, No OSMid-2014Laptop1861
1AppleA1489iPad Mini 2 - 16GB + WiFiiPad1865
3AppleA1538iPad Mini 4 - 128GB + WiFi (Space Gray)No Blocks/CordsiPad1871
5AppleA1538iPad Mini 4 - 128GB + WiFi (Gold)No Blocks/CordsiPad1871
4AppleA1538iPad Mini 4 - 16GB + WiFi (White)No Blocks/CordsiPad1871
8AppleA1538iPad Mini 4 - 128GB + WiFi (White)No Blocks/CordsiPad1871
2AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB + WiFi (Space Gray)No Blocks/CordsiPad1871
4AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB Wi-Fi (Slate)iPad1541
3AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Black)iPad1574
1AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1541
1AppleA1459iPad 4 - 16GB + WiFi + CellularAT&TiPad1545
1AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1541
1AppleA1460iPad 4 - 16GB + WiFi + CellularVerizon & SprintiPad1545
3AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB Wi-Fi (White)iPad1864
2AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB WiFi (White)iPad1882
1AppleA1489iPad Mini 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (White)iPad1541
1AppleA2197iPad 7th Gen - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1540
7AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1864
16AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB Wi-Fi (Slate)iPad1540
1AppleA1701iPad Pro 10.5" - 64GB WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1887
11AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1540
1AppleA1489iPad Mini 2 - 16GB + WiFi (Space Gray)No Blocks/CordsiPad1871
1AppleA1893iPad 6 - 32GB + WiFiiPad1865
3AppleA1416iPad 3 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Black)No ValueiPad1708
1AppleA1458iPad 4 - 32GB + WiFi (Silver)No Blocks/CordsiPad1821
6AppleA1474iPad Air - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)No Blocks/CordsiPad1821
3AppleA1489iPad Mini 2 - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)Retina, No Blocks/CordsiPad1821
1AppleA1458iPad 3 - 16GB + WiFi (Silver)iPad1820
1AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GBGB + WiFi (Silver)iPad1820
5AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)NOT TESTEDiPad1820
28AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Black)iPad1820
36AppleA1432iPad Mini 1st Gen - 16GB + WiFiiPad1655
1AppleA1458iPad 4th Gen - 16GB WiFiiPad1655
2AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1603
1AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (White)iPad1708
1AppleiMac 21.5"i5 QC 2.8, 8GB, 1TB, No OD, CatalinaLate 2015, No Keyboards/Mice/CordsAll-In-One1822
2AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Gold)iPad1708
1AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Black)iPad1708
1AppleA1893iPad 6th Gen - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1708
2AppleiMac 21.5"i5 QC 2.7, 8GB, 1x128 SSD, 1x1TB, No OD, CatalinaLate 2013All-In-One1714
2AppleMacBook Air 13"i5 LaptopMid 2013Laptop1799
2AppleA1893iPad 6th Gen - 128GB Wi-Fi (White)No Block/CordsiPad1743
1AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1797
15AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1797
6AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB Wi-Fi (Slate)iPad1797
1AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1796
2AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB WiFiiPad1678
1AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (White)iPad1569
4AppleA1474iPad Air - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1580
7AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1580
23AppleA1489iPad Mini 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1580
4AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Black)iPad1580
4AppleA1489iPad Mini 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (White)iPad1580
1AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (White)iPad1580
1AppleLighteningLightening Cords (13)Adapter1592
1Apple85W MagSafe85 Watt MagSafe (1)Adapter1592
1Apple60W MagSafe60 Watt MagSafe (10)Adapter1592
2AppleiMac 27"i5 QC 3.4, 8GB, 1TB, No ODMid 2017, 5k Retina, NOT WIPEDAll-In-One1596
1AppleA1538iPad Mini 4 - 16GB + WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1651
1AppleiMac 21.5"i5 QC 3.1, 8GB, 500 SSD, No OD, No OSLate 2015All-In-One1611
1AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1634
9AppleA1416iPad 3rd Gen - 16GB + WiFiiPad1615
1AppleiMac 21.5"i5 QC 2.7, 8GB, 1TB, No OD, CatalinaLate 2013All-In-One1836
3AppleiMac 21.5"i3 DC 3.3, 4GB, 500, No OD, CatalinaEarly 2013All-In-One1836
1AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB WiFi (Space Gray)No Block/CordiPad1836
13AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB WiFi (White/Space Gray)No Block/CordiPad1836
21AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB WiFi (Black)No Block/CordiPad1836
1Apple45W MagSafe 245 Watt MagSafe 2 (1)Adapter1834
1AppleMacBook Pro 13"i5 DC 2.4, 8GB, 500, SD, No OSLate 2011Laptop1627
1AppleA1474iPad Air - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)NOT TESTEDiPad1629
4AppleA1822iPad 5th Gen - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1580
22AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB WiFi (Silver)iPad1534
1AppleMacBook Pro 15"i7 LaptopMid 2017Laptop1900
1AppleMac Minii5 DC 2.5, 4GB, No HDD, No OD, No OSLate 2012Desktop1900
1AppleBlock12W Block - 7Adapter1494
1AppleMacBook Pro 13"2019 MacBook (i5/i7)UNTESTED, No ACLaptop1901
1AppleMacBook Pro 13"2019 MacBook (i5/i7)UNTESTED, No ACLaptop1901
1AppleMacBook Pro 13"i5 LaptopEarly 2015, No ACLaptop1901
1AppleMacBook Pro 15"i7 LaptopLate 2013, No ACLaptop1901
1AppleMD785LL/AiPad Air - 16GB Wi-FiiPad1344
2AppleMC707LL/AiPad 3 - 64GB Wi-FiiPad1344
6AppleMC769LL/AiPad 2 - 16GB Wi-FiiPad1492
32AppleMC769LL/AiPad 2 - 16GB Wi-FiiPad1393
1AppleMR7F2LL/AiPad 6 - 32GB Wi-FiiPad1382
6AppleMacBook Pro 13"i5 DC 2.5, 4GB, 240SSD, SD, No OSMid 2012, No ACsLaptop1900
3AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB WiFiNo Blocks/CordsiPad1900
22AppleA1489iPad Mini 2 - 16GB WiFi (Space Gray)Retina, No Blocks/CordsiPad1900
1AppleMacBook Pro 15"i7 QC 2.8, 16GB, 512SSD, No OD, CatalinaRetina, Mid 2015, No ACsLaptop1900
1AppleMacBook Air 13"i5 DC 1.8, 8GB, 128SSD, No OD, CAM2017, Monterey, 3 AC'sLaptop1901
1AppleMGL12LL/AiPad Air 2 - 16GB + WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1453
6AppleMC769LL/AiPad 2 - 16GB Wi-FiiPad1344
1AppleMD787LLiPad Air - 64GB (Space Gray)iPad1413
1AppleMC769LL/AiPad 2 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Black)iPad1414
10AppleA1432iPad Mini - 16GB WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1574
5AppleA1458iPad 4 - 16GB WiFi (Black)iPad1534
8AppleCORDLightening CordsAdapter1428
1AppleCableLightning Cable - 179Adapter1494
1AppleMGL12LL/AiPad Air 2 - 16GB Wi-FiiPad1344
1AppleBlock10W Block - 24Adapter1494
12AppleMD510LL/AiPad 4 - 16GB Wi-Fi (Black)iPad1453
8AppleA1474iPAd Air - 16GB WiFi (Black)iPad1469
1AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB WiFi (Gold)iPad1469
2AppleMB292LLiPad 1 - 16GB WiFiiPad1470
7AppleMC960LL/AiPad 2 - 16GB WiFi (Black)iPad1481
1Apple656-0070A128GB Apple SSDFor MacBook Pro A1708, NOT WIPEDSSD1483
2AppleMR7F2LL/AiPad 6 - 32GB WiFiiPad1320
2AppleMacBook Air 13"i5 DC 1.8, 8GB, 128SSD, No OD, No OSMid 2012Laptop1947
1AppleA1823iPad 5th Gen - 32GB + WiFi + Cellular (Space Gray)iPad1893
22AppleA1538iPad Mini 4 - 16GB + WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1893
1AppleMacBook Air 13"i5 DC 1.6, 4GB, 256SSD, No OD, CatalinaEarly 2015Laptop1947
5AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB + WiFi (Gold)iPad1893
1AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB + WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1893
8AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)NOT TESTEDiPad1516
1AppleA1822iPad 5th Gen - 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Gray)iPad1516
1AppleMacBook Air 11"i5 DC 1.3, 4GB, 128SSD, No OD, CatalinaMid 2013Laptop1947
1AppleA1566iPad Air 2 - 16GB + WiFi (Silver)iPad1893
10AppleMacBook Air 13"i5 DC 1.8, 8GB, 256SSD, No OD, Catalina2017Laptop1947
3AppleMacBook Air 13"i5 DC 1.4, 4GB, 256SSD, No OD, CatalinaEarly 2014Laptop1947
6AppleA1416iPad 3rd Gen - 16GB WiFi (Black)iPad1534
1AppleMacBook 12"Intel Core M DC 1.1, 8GB, 256SSD, No OD, YosemiteRetina, Early 2015, No ACsLaptop1900
1AppleMacBook Pro 13"i7 DC 3.1, 16GB, 256SSD, No OD, CatalinaRetina, Early 2015Laptop1947
3AppleA1474iPad Air - 16GB WiFi (Space Gray)iPad1892
1AppleMC769LL/AiPad 2 - 16GB Wi-FiiPad1359
1Architectural AcousticsPZS 140RAMultizone Mixer/AmplifierAudio1139
1Architectural AcousticsPZS 140RAMultizone Mixer/AmplifierAudio1216
3ArubaAPIN0115Wireless Access PointNetworking1602
61ArubaAPIN0225Wireless Access PointNetworkingNetworking1834
24ArubaAPIN0215Wireless Access PointNetworkingNetworking1834
1ASUS1015PEAtom LaptopNOT TESTEDLaptop1688
7ASUSVE228H22" LCD MonitorLCD1930
1ASUSP2520LDC Laptop, 19/3.42 - Small TipUNTESTEDLaptop1516
23ASUSZ00XSZenfone - 64GB WiFi + CellularCellular1417
13ASUSC202SChromebook, 19/2.1 - Small TipChromebook1829
22ASUSZ00XSZenfone ZoomLOC: EBAY, UNTESTEDCellular1860
28ASUSZenPhone 264GB ZenPhoneCellular1394
2ASUSM80TAVivoTab Note 8 - 32GB, WiFiTablet1490
17ASUSZ00XSZenfone Zoom - 32GBLOC: EBAYCellular1569
1ASUSP2520Li7 LaptopUNTESTEDLaptop1860
6ASUSC202SChromebook, 19/2.1 Small TipChromebook1783
5AT&T4600PoETelephone Internet RouterNetworking1702
1Audio CodesMediant 1000VOIP Digital ChassisNetworking1774
5Audio CodesMP114VOIP PhoneTelecom1774
1Audio TechnicaATW-R1810Audio TransmitterAudio1599
1Audio TechnicaATW-R700Audio ReciverAudio1599
1AvayaRBS V2DECT IP Radio Base StationUNTESTEDNetworking1702
2AvayaIP400Analog Trunk 16, 24/1.5 DCTelecom1122
27Barnes & NobleBNRV200NOOKcolor - 6GB WiFiTablet1417
1Bay NetworksBayStack 22524-Port SwtichUNTESTEDNetworking1845
9BiampMXA756-Channel Professional AmplifierAudio1669
1BlueCoatPS12000Xeon QC 3.33, 3x2GB, 2x500W5590, PC3-1333, 7.2K/SATAServer1344
1BretfordNETBOOK32-RN32 Laptop Charging CartCart1283
1BrotherMFC-L5850DWAll-In-One PrinterPrinter1602
1Bus LinkDBW 1647-U2DVD BurnerEBAY 1Audio1651
5ByteSpeedi5Ti5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 250GB, DVD-RW, No COA2nd GenTower1548
3ByteSpeedi5Ti5 QC 3.2, 4GB, 250, DVD-RW, 83rd GenTower1845
1CanonEF 70-200mmCamera LensLOC: eBayPhotography1941
16Channel PlusSVC-10RReciverAudio1397
3Channel PlusSVC-10ReciverAudio1397
13Chicony20V-2.25A20V - 2.25A USB Type-CAdapter1349
1CiscoWS-C2960S-48TS-L V0448 Port SwitchNetworking1892
2CiscoISR43314300 SereisNetworking1702
3CiscoWS-C2960X-48FPD-L V02Network SwitchNetworking1774
1CiscoASA5510 V05Adaptive Security ApplianceNetworking1892
1CiscoWS-3750G-24T-S24 Port SwitchNetworking1892
2CiscoWS-C2960S-48LPD-L V04Network SwitchNetworking1618
1CiscoAIR-WLC4402-25-K9Wireless LAN ControllerUNTESTEDNetworking1836
2CiscoWS-C3750G-48TS-S V0448 Port SwitchNetworking1397
4CiscoWS-C2960S-48LPS-L V04Network SwitchNetworking1618
7CiscoWS-C2960S-48LPS-L V03Network SwitchNetworking1618
1CiscoCE-507Content EngineNetworking1892
17CiscoWS-C3750-48TS-S V0548 Port SwitchNetworking1397
1CiscoAIR-AP1832I-B-K9Wireless Access PointUNTESTEDNetworking1782
1CiscoAIR-CT5508-K9Wireless ControllerNetworking1860
1CiscoMeraki MR72Wireless Access PointUNTESTEDNetworking1893
1CiscoWS-C3850-24T-S V06Network SwitchNetworking1774
1CiscoWS-C2960-24PC-L V05Network SwitchNetworking1774
4CiscoWS-C2960X-48FPD-L V01Network SwitchNetworking1774
1CiscoWS-C3750-24PS-S V0624-Port Switch + PoENetworking1865
1Cisco2851Service RouterNetworking1825
1Cisco3640Access RouterUNTESTEDNetworking1845
1CiscoWS-C3850-48T-L V03Network SwitchNetworking1774
141CiscoAIR-CAP2602I-A-K9Wireless Access PointNetworking1618
1CiscoWS-C3750V2-24PS-S V0624-Port Switch + PoENetworking1865
1CiscoWS-C3548-XL-ENNetwork SwitchNetworking1925
1CiscoPIX-515Firewall SwitchNetworking1845
1Cisco2600Multiservice RouterUNTESTEDNetworking1845
1Cisco25142-Port Wired RouterUNTESTEDNetworking1845
22CiscoAIR-CAP3502I-A-K9Wireless Access PointNetworking1618
2Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 Laptop RAMRAM1669
2Clone4GB PC44GB PC4 Laptop RAMRAM1669
7Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 Laptop RAMRAM1669
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1667
3Clone12V - 3.33A12V - 3.33A - USTAdapter1352
1Clone4GB PC44GB PC4 DesktopRAM1653
2Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 DesktopRAM1345
1Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1652
1Clone4GB PC44GB PC4 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1666
6Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1652
1Clone240GB 2.5"240GB 2.5" SATA SSDHDD1783
18Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1778
1Clone240GB 2.5"240GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1764
1Clone320GB 2.5"320GB 2.5" SATAHDD1764
3Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1761
1Clone128GB128GB 2.5" SSD SATASSD1143
4Clonei5Ti5 QC 3.2, 4GB, 250, DVD-RW, 83rd GenTower1742
3Clonei7Ti7 DC 3.4, 8GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 Embedded4th GenTower1742
1Clonei5Ti5 DC 3.0, 4GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 Embedded4th GenTower1742
8Clonei5Ti5 DC 3.2, 4GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 Embbedded4th GenTower1742
1Clone128GB128GB mSATA SSDHDD1220
4Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1739
38CloneMicro USBMicro USB CordLOC; TAB1Adapter1234
3Clone16GB SSD16GB M.2 SSDHDD1234
1Clone240GB 2.5"240GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1675
3Clone20V - 1.5A20V - 1.5A USB CAdapter1247
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1713
1Clone128GB128GB M.2 SSDSSD1306
11Clone19V - 2.1A19V - 2.1A - Ultra Small TipAdapter1312
2Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 DesktopRAM1321
8Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1701
24Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1691
2Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1685
5CloneCPCellular PhoneLOC: PAT'S DESKCellular1323
1Clone128GB M.2128GB M.2 SSDHDD1329
1Clone128GB 3.5"128GB SSD 3.5" SATASSD1337
7Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 Laptop RamLOC: RAMRAM1739
3Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopRAM1493
8Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1418
2Clone240GB 2.5"240GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1546
31CloneWindows 10ChargerAdapter1547
1Clone4GB PC34GB RAM PC3 LaptopRAM1550
1Clone2TB 3.5"2TB 3.5" SCSIHDD1553
2Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1498
5Clone120GB 2.5"120GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1546
5Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopRAM1497
1Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1545
40Clone128GB M.2128GB M.2 SATANOT WIPEDHDD1490
4Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1575
2Clone256GB M.2256GB M.2 SSDLOC: HDD1, NOT WIPEDHDD1486
1Clone256GB M.2256GB M.2 SSDNOT WIPED, LOC: HDD1HDD1469
1Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1467
39Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1467
1Clone19V - 3.42A19V - 3.42A - Small Tip (10)Adapter1456
1Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1651
3Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopRAM1508
1Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopRAM1534
1Clone256GB PCI-E 2.0256GB PCI-E 2.0NOT WIPEDHDD1530
1Clonei5Si5 QC 3.4, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 107th GenServer1522
1Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1521
17CloneChris PhonesChris PhonesLOC: Patricks DeskCellular1521
1Clone320GB 2.5''320GB 2.5'' SATAHDD1537
5Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1546
8Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1511
6Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1603
1Clone12V - 3.33A12V - 3.33A - Small Tip (36)Adapter1506
1Clone80GB 3.5"80GB 3.5" SATAHDD1504
2Clone40GB 3.5"40GB 3.5" SASHDD1504
4Clone250GB 3.5"250GB 3.5" SATAHDD1504
96Clone500 GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1504
3Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopRAM1503
1Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1511
2Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1651
1Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1626
5Clone120GB 2.5"120GB 2.5" SSD SATAHDD1626
3Clone240GB 2.5"240GB 2.5" SSD SATAHDD1626
3Clone128GB M.2128GB M.2 SSDNOT TESTEDHDD1629
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1633
1Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1633
1Clone12V - 3.33A12V - 3.33A - Small Tip (27)Adapter1597
5CloneIPIP PhoneTelecom1651
2Clone128GB M.2128GB M.2 SSDNOT TESTEDHDD1619
1CloneMETALMetal CartCart1394
2Clone16GB PC416GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1652
2Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1652
3Clone1TB 3.5"1TB 3.5" SATAHDD1652
2Clone3TB 3.5"3TB 3.5" SATAHDD1652
1Clone128GB 2.5"128GB SSD M.2NOT WIPEDHDD1368
6Clone2TB 3.5"2TB 3.5" SATAHDD1652
2Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1633
2Clone256GB M.2256GB SSD mSATAHDD1432
1Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1652
8Clone180GB SSD180GB SSD M.2Not WipedHDD1434
1Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1605
1Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1607
8Clone128GB SSD128GB SSD M.2Not WipedHDD1434
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1613
1Clone2TB 3.5"2TB 3.5" SATAHDD1613
16Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1623
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1613
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopRAM1622
2Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1615
5Clone500GB 3.5''500GB 3.5" SATATESTEDHDD1617
1Clone256GB 2.5"256GB 2.5" SATA SSDHDD1617
1Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1618
2Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1418
1Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 DesktopRAM1598
8Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1613
9Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1820
1Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1843
11Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1839
23Clone1TB 3.5"1TB 3.5" SATAHDD1839
1Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1834
1Clone128GB 2.5"128GB 2.5" SATA SSDHDD1834
2Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 Laptop RAMRAM1833
5Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 Laptop RAMRAM1833
1Clone256GB SSD256GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1833
2Clone250GB SSD250GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1833
2Clone128GB SSD128GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1833
9Clone4GB PC44GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1825
1Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1800
2Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1820
1Clone120GB 2.5"120GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1851
1Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1814
4Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1809
1Clone750GB 2.5"750GB 2.5" SATAHDD1808
1CloneSKIDScrap iMac SkidE-cycle1805
1Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1802
2Clone4GB PC44GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1802
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1802
1Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1800
1Clone250GB 2.5"250GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1800
1Clone128GB 2.5"128GB SSD 2.5" SATAHDD1800
12Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1821
1CloneTVShattered TVTV1868
1Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 LaptopLOC RAMRAM1926
4Clone256GB 2.5"256GB 2.5" SATA SSDHDD1926
1Clone120GB 2.5''120GB 2.5'' SATA SSDHDD1923
1Clone128GB 2.5"128GB 2.5" SATA SSDHDD1923
1Clone500GB 3.5''500GB 3.5'' SATAHDD1923
1CloneAMDTAMD A8-3850 2.9, 8GB, No HDD, DVD RW, No COATower1909
2Clone1TB 2.5"1TB 2.5" SATADrivelock PasswordHDD1901
2Clone500GB 3.5''500GB 3.5'' SATAHDD1895
18CloneChris PhonesChris' PhonesLOC: EBAYCellular1893
4Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1892
4CloneECYCLESpeedpack of EcycleE-cycle1849
1Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1882
8Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1851
1Clone1TB 2.5"1TB 2.5" SATAHDD1863
8Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1863
3Clone128GB 2.5"128GB 2.5" SATA SSDHDD1863
2Clone2GB PC32GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1860
2Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1860
15Clone1TB 3.5''1TB 3.5'' SATAHDD1860
1Clone1TB 2.5"1TB 2.5" SATAHDD1860
3Clone1.5TB 3.5"1.5TB 3.5" SATAHDD1860
9Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1860
111Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1860
2Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1855
1Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1887
3Clone1TB 2.5"1TB 2.5" SATAHDD1887
1Clone8GB PC48GB PC4 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1798
10Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1793
1Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1784
1Clone750GB 2.5"750GB 2.5" SATAHDD1784
2Clone500GB 2.5"500GB 2.5" SATAHDD1797
3Clone500GB 3.5"500GB 3.5" SATAHDD1796
1Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1798
1Clone1TB 2.5"1TB 2.5" SATAHDD1797
4Clone8GB PC38GB PC3 DesktopLOC: RAMRAM1792
6Clone128GB 2.5"128GB 2.5" SATA SSDHDD1797
4Clone4GB PC34GB PC3 LaptopLOC: RAMRAM1784
5Cortelco219200-V0E-27FIP Speaker PhoneTelecom1179
1CyberoamCR15wi NG1GB Wireless FirewallSecurity1774
1DBX2231Equalizer/Limiter w/Type III NRAudio1507
4Dell790i7 QC 3.4, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1863
1Dell980i5 DC 3.2, 4GB, 250, DVD-RW, 71st GenTower1820
1Dell3020i5 QC 3.3, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 74th GenDesktop1947
2Dell790i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 250, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1935
1DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/4.62 - RTTOUCHSCREENChromebook1834
3DellXPS B733RDesktopDesktop1774
1DellR730xdXeon 10C 2.6x2, No RAM/HDD'sE5-2660 V2Server1603
1DellE5540i5 DC LaptopLaptop1797
5Dell7010i5 QC 3.2, 16GB, 500, DVD-ROM, 73rd Gen, SFFDesktop1925
2Dell5040i7 QC 3.4, 16GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, 106th Gen, SFFTower1935
4Dell5040i7 QC 3.4, 16GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, 106th GenTower1925
10Dell19.5V - 3.34A19.5V - 3.34A - Small TipAdapter1432
2DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/4.62 - RTChromebook1651
4Dell7020i7 QC 3.6, 16GB, 1TB, 512SSD, DVD-RW, 104th GenTower1925
5Dell7040i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 256 SSD, DVD-RW, 106th Gen, SFFTower1935
1DellSonicwall TZ300Network FirewallNetworking1930
1Dell3060i3 QC 3.1, 8GB, 120SSD, No OD, 10, 19.5/3.34ST8th Gen, Mini-PCDesktop1900
8DellCB1C13Touchscreen Chromebook, 19.5/3.34RNo AC'sChromebook1798
1Dell3040i7 QC 3.4, 16GB, 500, DVD-RW, 86th GenDesktop1821
1Dell990i7 QC 3.4, 8GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, 7 Pro2nd GenTower1925
1Dell9020i5 QC 3.2, 4GB, 128GB SSD, DVD-RW, 7 Pro4th GenDesktop1926
1Dell7010i7 QC 3.4, 4GB, 250, DVD-RW, 73rd GenTower1935
7Dell3040i3 DC 3.7, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, 86th Gen, SFFDesktop1821
2Dell7040i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 256 SSD, DVD-RW, 106th GenTower1935
1Dell19.5V - 3.34A19.5 - 3.34A - Regular Tip (1)Adapter1495
1Dell19.5V - 4.62A19.5V - 4.62 - Regular Tip (9)Adapter1495
1DellE2720HS27'' Widescreen LCD MonitorLCD1822
1DellP54Gi5DC 2.3, 8GB, 256 SSD, 85th Gen, No AcsLaptop1617
6Dell1908WFP19" LCD MonitorLCD1930
7Dell5050i7 QC 3.4, 16GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, 106th GenTower1925
1Dell3440i5 DC 1.7, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8, CAM, 19.5/3.34R4th GenLaptop1836
1Dell282424-Port Gigabit SwitchUNTESTEDNetworking1836
1Dell5050i7 QC 3.4, 16GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, 106th GenTower1926
1Dell20V - 3.25A20V - 3.25A USB-CAdapter1412
19DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/3.34 - Regular TipNo AC'sChromebook1839
1DellR520Xeon 8-Core 2.1x2, 12x8GB, 8x3TB7.2K SASServer1402
2Dell19.5v-4.62a19.5v - 4.62a Circle TipAdapter1415
1Dell790i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 160GB, DVD-RW, 72nd GenDesktop1925
2Dell19.5v-3.34a19.5v - 3.34a Circle TipAdapter1415
3Dell7010i7 QC 3.4, 8GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, 73rd GenTower1926
1Dell7020i7 QC 3.6, 16GB, 1TB, DVD-RW. 84th GenTower1926
20Dell20V - 3.5A20V - 3.5A - USB CAdapter1417
7Dell3100Chromebook, 10/3 - USB CNo AC'sChromebook1839
1DellE7440i7 LaptopLaptop1627
1Dell5590Intel Laptop,No RAM/HDD,No OD,CAM,No COA,19.5/3.34Laptop1638
6DellE5440i5 DC 1.6, 4GB, 128SSD, No OD, 7, CAM, 19.5/3.34R4th GenLaptop1432
1DellERGITD-00930 Laptop Charging CartCart1394
3DellPrecision 5810Xeon QC 3.5, 16GB, No HDD, No OD, 7E5-1620 V3Tower1825
1Dell790i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 250, DVD-RW, 72nd Gen, SFFDesktop1935
1DellInspirion 660i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, 73rd GenTower1860
2Dell3520i7 QC 2.7, 16GB, 512SSD, No OD, 10, CAM, 19.5/6.7R6th GenLaptop1915
1DellAPL26-0AEWireless RouterRouter1930
1Dell7010i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 500, ROM, 73rd GenDesktop1915
1Dell5040i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 500, No OD, 106th Gen, SFFDesktop1925
15DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/3.34 - Regular TipNo AC's, LOC: CD5/MAN1 (16 Wiped, 15 Managed)Chromebook1861
1DellXE2i5 QC 2.9, 16GB, 2x250GB, DVD-RW, 84th GenTower1845
1Dell390i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1397
1Dell390i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1860
4Dell9010i5 QC 3.4, 8GB, 240SSD, DVD-RW, 73rd GenTower1830
3Dell3240i3 DC 3.7, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, 106th GenAll-In-One1887
1DellM4800i7 QC 3.10, 32GB, 500GB, RW, CAM, 104th Gen, DamagedLaptop1935
1Dell19.5V - 3.34A19.5V - 3.34A - Regular Tip (52)Adapter1855
1Dell19.5V - 3.3419.5V - 3.34 Small TipAdapter1274
1Dell20V - 3.25A20V - 3.25A - USB CAdapter1269
1Dell20V - 3.25A20V - 3.25A - Type-C (1)Adapter1693
2Dell19V - 4.62A19V - 4.62A - Regular TipAdapter1269
12Dell790i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1863
3DellP26TTouchscreen Chromebook, 19.5/3.34RChromebook1784
3Dell19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A Blue TipAdapter1248
1Dell3050i5 QC 3.4, 16GB, 256 SSD, No OD, 107th Gen, SFFDesktop1941
3Dell5040i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 1TB, No OD, 106th GenDesktop1887
4Dell7040Mi5 QC 2.50, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 106th Gen, Micro, No AC'sDesktop1935
3Dell19V - 3.34A19V - 3.34A - Regular TipAdapter1217
1Dell19.5V - 4.62A19.5V - 4.62A - Regular Tip (1)Adapter1693
1DellNSA 2600Network Security ApplianceNetworking1887
1DellPowerEdge R710ServerUNTESTEDServer1892
1Dell3189Touchscreen Chromebook, 19.5/3.34 - RTNo AC'sChromebook1802
1Dell9010i5 QC 3.3, 8GB, 240SSD, DVD-RW, 73rd GenTower1801
1DellPowerEdge R510ServerUNTESTEDServer1892
59DellP22T*No AC's, 19.5/3.34 - Reg TipChromebook1726
1DellNSA 6600Security Appliance FirewallSecurity1152
7Dell5040i7 QC 3.4, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, 86th Gen, SFFTower1798
2Dell9010i5 QC 3.4, 8GB, 120SSD, DVD-RW, 73rd GenTower1728
4Dell3040i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, 86th Gen, SFFTower1798
1DellPowerEdge 2550ServerUNTESTEDServer1892
6Dell3510i7 QC 2.7, 4GB, No HDD, No OD, 7, CAM, 19.5/4.62R6th Gen, No ACsLaptop1947
1DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/3.34RChromebook1784
1Dell3400i3 LaptopLaptop1669
1Dell19.5V - 6.7A19.5V - 6.7A - Regular Tip (1)Adapter1506
14Dell19.5V - 3.34A19.5V - 3.34A - Circle TipAdapter1312
66DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/3.34 - Reg TipNo AC's, LOC: CD4 (60) CD2 (13) CD1 (6), CIMCO: (37)Chromebook1812
20DellT1600i3 DC 3.1, 4GB, 250, DVD-ROM, 72nd GenTower1812
1DellE01SXeox QC 2.0x2, 12GB, No HDD's, DVD-ROME5504Server1669
1DellE5440i5 DC 1.6, 4GB, 128GB SSD, No OD, 7 Pro, CAM4th Gen, 37 DamagedLaptop1669
1Dell19.5V - 7.7A19.5V - 7.7A - Regular TipAdapter1307
1Dell19.5V - 9.23A19.5V - 9.23A - Regular TipAdapter1307
1Dell19.5V - 3.34A19.5V - 3.34A - Regular Tip (10)Adapter1506
2DellS500HDMI ProjectorUNTESTEDProjector1865
1DellE5450i7 DC 2.6, 4GB, 500, No OD, 75th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1935
3DellP22TChromebook, 19.5V/3.34A - Reg TipNo AC's, LOC: CD1 (103) CD2 (2), CIMCO: (43)Chromebook1682
3Dell3100Chromebook, 15/3 - USB CNo AC'sChromebook1797
1DellE01SXeon QC 2.53x2, 24GB, No HDD's, DVD-ROME5540Server1669
1Dell3189Touchscreen Chromebook, 19.5/3.34RChromebook1684
1DellPrecision T3610Xeon QC 3.0, 16GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8E5-1607 v2Tower1935
73DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/4.62 - RTLOC: AB1 (73), CIMCO (2)Chromebook1684
1Dell3190PQC 1.1, 8GB, No HDD, No OD, CAM, 10N5000, 19.5/3.34RLaptop1667
1Dell19.5V - 4.62A19.5V - 4.62A - Regular Tip (7)Adapter1855
1Dell19.5V - 4.62A19.5V - 4.62A - Regular Tip (3)Adapter1506
1DellPrecision 7810Xeon 12C 2.2, 32GB, 512SSD, DVD-RW, 10E5-2650 v4 (2 CPU's)Tower1935
1DellP22TChromebook, 19.5/3.334RNo AC'sChromebook1666
17Dell7010i7 QC 3.4, 16GB, 512GB SSD, DVD-RW, 7 Pro3rd GenTower1925
1DiasorinLIAISONXLAutomated Chemiluminescence AnalyzerHP rp5800 i3 Desktop; SN: CZC6020ZVBMedical1582
1EarthWalk30SMC30 Slot Macbook (Mag1) Charging CartCart1322
1ELOA-15Digital Signage MonitorTablet1146
1Envionmental Innorations incEI 4127HYTonerTonerToner1651
2Envionmental Innorations incEI 1338SYTonerTonerToner1651
3EpsonH746AHDMI ProjectorProjector1536
1EpsonH485AHDMI ProjectorProjector1521
3EpsonH604AHDMI ProjectorProjector1536
1ErgotronTablet Management Cart32 Tablet Charging CartCart1394
3EtherWANEX17016Ethernet SwitchNetworking1627
1EtherWANEX17242Ethernet SwitchNetworking1627
3ExtremeX460-48p48-Port SwitchNetworking1539
1ExtremeX460-24t24-Port SwitchNetworking1539
39ExtremeWS-AP3825iWireless Access PointLOC: N4Networking1485
15Extreme NetworkingReach NXT 100-8TEthernet SwitchNetworking1397
2Extreme NetworkingX460 24T24 Port Switch1 Is Brand New In BoxNetworking1605
1FellowesPowerShred 220Commercial ShredderNOT TESTEDOffice1571
5Fluke Networks990DSLBroadband Loop TesterNetworking1893
1FORTINETFG-90DFirewall Network Security ApplianceNetworking1360
1HardiggCASEPelican Hard CaseAccessory1626
1HaslerM5000Mail FolderMailing1488
1HitachiWX3014WNUFDLP ProjectorProjector1439
20HomidoGrabVR HeadsetLOC: EBAYAccessory1557
29HomidoGRABVirtual Reality Headset (Blue)LOC: EBAY2Accessory1431
29HomidoGrabVR HeadsetLOC: EBAYAccessory1394
3HP840 G1i5 DC 1.7, 12GB, No HDD, No OD, 8, CAM, 19.5/2.31R4th GenLaptop1447
2HP840i5 DC 1.6, 4GB, No HDD, No OD, 8, CAM, 19/4.72RT4th GenLaptop1447
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Regular Tip (13)Adapter1453
2HP19.5V - 4.62A19.5V - 4.62A - Regular TipAdapter1447
1HP19.5V - 11.8A19.5V - 11.8A - Regular Tip (11)Adapter1453
8HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A - Regular TipAdapter1447
1HP9470mi5 DC 1.8, 8GB, 32 M.2, No OD, 8, 19.5/2.31R3rd GenLaptop1453
1HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A - Regular Tip (35)Adapter1453
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular Tip (13)Adapter1453
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Blue Tip (14)Adapter1453
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Small Yellow Tip (7)Adapter1506
1HP19.5/3.3319.5/3.33 - Regular Tip - 2Adapter1494
1HP19/4.7419/4.74 - Regular Tip - 2Adapter1494
1HPJ9147AProCurve 48 Port SwitchNetworking1895
1HP455 G2AMD QC 1.8, 8GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, CAM, 8A8-7100, No AC'sLaptop1895
1HP12V - 3A12V - 3A USB-C (2)Adapter1505
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A Blue Tip (1)Adapter1505
1HPM225dwLaserJet PrinterPrinter1490
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Regular Tip (1)Adapter1506
7HP11 Pro G2Celeron DC 1.6, 4GB, 32GB SSD, No OD, 10, CAMLaptop1490
1HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A - Small Tip (2)Adapter1506
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Blue Tip (1)Adapter1506
1HPUSB-C Dock G5Universal Docking Station, 19.5/6.15 Blue TipNOT TESTED, No ACDocking Station1893
4HP15V - 3A15V/3A - USB CAdapter1513
1HP19.5V - 2.05A19.5V - 2.05A - Regular Tip (17)Adapter1514
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular Tip (2)Adapter1519
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Regular Tip (52)Adapter1893
7HP14 G3Chromebook 19.5v/2.31A- Blue TipChromebook1923
3HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A Regular TipAdapter1455
3HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A Regular TipAdapter1455
4HP18.5V - 6.5A18.5V - 6.5A Regualr TipAdapter1455
2HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A Regular TipAdapter1455
1HP3500i3 DC 3.4, 4GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, No COA3rd GenTower1782
2HP280 G1i3 DC 3.7, No RAM, No HDD, DVD-RW, 84th GenTower1782
1HPdl380pXeon ServerServer1493
1HP14 G4Chromebook 19.5V/2.31A - Blue TipChromebook1923
1HP19.5/2.3119.5/2.31 - Blue Tip (1)Adapter1493
1HP8200i5 QC 3.1, 2GB, 120GB SSD, DVD-RW, 72nd GenDesktop1923
1HP450 G1i3 DC 2.4, 8GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, CAM, 84th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1923
1HP450 G2i3 DC 1.7, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, CAM, 84th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1923
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Blue Tip (13)Adapter1486
3HPZ800Xeon Tower WorkstationTower1909
2HP11 Pro G3Celeron DC 1.6, 4GB, 32GB SSD, No OD, 10, CAMN3060Laptop1490
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Blue Tip (9)Adapter1453
1HP280 G1i3 DC 3.6, No RAM, No HDD, DVD-RW, 84th GenTower1782
2HPD2DOpteron QC 2.7x2, 8x2GB, 12x1TB2384, PC2-6400, 7.2K/SATAServer1344
8HP19.5V - 2.05A19.5V - 2.05A - Regular TipAdapter1355
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1301
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1311
6HP15V - 3A15V - 3A - Type-CAdapter1312
10HP19.5V - 6.9A19.5V - 6.9A - Regular TipAdapter1318
2HP6200i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 72nd GenDesktop1935
2HP6300i5 QC 3.2, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 73rd GenDesktop1935
1HP800 G1i5 QC 3.3, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, 74th GenTower1935
2HPZ420Xeon 6C 3.5, 32GB, 500, DVD-RW, 7E5-1650 v2Tower1935
1HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A Regular TipAdapter1274
1HP19.5V - 2.05A19.5V - 2.05A - Regular TipAdapter1342
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A Small TipAdapter1274
2HPZ440Xeon QC 3.5, 32GB, 512 SSD, DVD-RW, 7E5-1620 v3Tower1935
8HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A - Regular TipAdapter1344
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Small Yellow TipAdapter1344
1HP19.5V - 11.8A19.5V - 11.8A - Regular TipAdapter1344
1HP8470pi5 DC 2.8, 4GB, 320GB, DVD-RW, CAM, 73rd Gen, No AC'sLaptop1935
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1346
2HP15V-3A15V - 3A USB Type-CAdapter1349
17HP15V - 3A15V - 3A - USB-CAdapter1352
1HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A Regular CircleAdapter1413
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1342
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1218
1HP6200i5 QC 3.10, 2GB, No HDD, RW, 72nd Gen, SFFDesktop1942
1HP250 G5i5 DC 2.3, 12GB, No HDD, RW, CAM, 106th Gen, No ACLaptop1942
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1178
6HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1206
5HP18.5V - 6.5A18.5V - 6.5A - Regular TipAdapter1206
2HP19.5V - 2.05A19.5V - 2.05A - Regular TipAdapter1206
1HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A - Regular TipAdapter1208
3HP15V - 3A15V - 3A - USB CAdapter1209
10HP450 G2i5 DC 2.2, 8GB, No HDD, RW, CAM, 105th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1942
5HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A Small Yellow TipAdapter1297
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Blue TipAdapter1218
2HP19.5V - 6.9A19.5V - 6.9A - Regular TipAdapter1355
3HP18.5V - 6.5A18.5V - 6.5A - Regular TipAdapter1218
1HP19.5V - 11.8A19.5V - 11.8A - Regular TipAdapter1218
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1231
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V 3.5V Small Yellow TipAdapter1235
3HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1251
1HP18.5V - 6.5A18.5V - 6.5A - Regular TipAdapter1251
1HP19.5V - 6.9A19.5V - 6.9A - Regular TipAdapter1251
1HP19.5V - 2.05A19.5V - 2.05A - Regular TipAdapter1256
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1270
13HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1217
10HP15V - 3A15V - 3A - USB CAdapter1426
4HP19V - 7.1A19V - 7.1A - Regular TipAdapter1355
5HP19v-4.74a19v - 4.74a Cricle TipAdapter1415
3HP19.5v-4.62a19.5v - 4.62a Circle TipAdapter1415
2HP19.5v-2.31a19.5v - 2.31a Small Blue TipAdapter1415
10HP18.5v-3.5a18.5v - 3.5a Circle TipAdapter1415
1HP18.5v-3.5a18.5v - 3.5a Small Yellow TipAdapter1415
1HP400 G1i5 QC 3.2, No RAM, No HDD, DVD-RW, 84th GenTower1782
1HP440 G3i5 DC 2.3, 8GB, 120SSD, No OD, 10, CAM,19.5/2.31BT6th GenLaptop1424
4HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Blue TipAdapter1424
1HP19.5V - 7.7A19.5V - 7.7A Regular CircleAdapter1413
2HP450 G4i3 DC 2.4, No RAM/HDD, No OD, 10, CAM, 19.5/2.31B7th GenLaptop1426
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular Tip (3)Adapter1514
1HPP4014nLaserJet PrinterPrinter1434
2HPDL585 G6Opteron HC 2.8x2, 1GBx16, No HDD'sAMD 8439, PC2-6400PServer1436
3HPDL360 G6Xeon QC 2.0, 2GBx2, 146x3E5504, PC3-10600, 15K/SAS, 10K/SCSIServer1437
1HPDL360 G5Xeon QC 2.33, 2GBx4, 172x2L5410, PC2-5300, 15K/SCSI, 10K/SASServer1437
1HPDL360 G4Xeon SC 3.4x2, 1GBx2, 512MBx2, 72.8x2E7520, PC2-3200, 15K/SCSIServer1437
1HP19.5V - 4.62A19.5V - 4.62A - Regular TipAdapter1439
3HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular TipAdapter1439
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Regular TipAdapter1440
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Regular Tip (12)Adapter1445
5HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Regular TipAdapter1424
6HPAdapter19.5V 7.69A Regular TipAdapter1397
14HP800 G1i5 QC 3.3, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, 74th GenDesktop1935
8HP15V - 3A15V - 3A - USB-CAdapter1359
2HP18.5V - 6.5A18.5V - 6.5A RTAdapter1365
2HP19.5V - 7.7A19.5V - 7.7A Regular TipAdapter1368
1HP18.5V -3.5A18.5V - 3.5A Regular TipAdapter1374
19HPUDSUltraSlim Docking StationDocking Station1385
1HPA307-0230 Laptop Charging CartCart1394
1HP1112Deskjet PrinterPrinter1930
4HPAdapter18.5V 3.5A Regular TipAdapter1397
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Blue Tip (16)Adapter1523
29HPAdapter18.5V 6.5A Regular TipAdapter1397
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Blue Tip (4)Adapter1445
5HPAdapter19.5V 3.33A Travel Adapters (No Cord/No Tip)Adapter1397
1HPAdapter19.5V 6.9A Regular TipAdapter1397
2HPAdapter19.5V 2.05A Ultra Small TipAdapter1397
3HPAdapter19.5V 4.62A Regular TipAdapter1397
1HPAdapter19V 4.74A Regular TipAdapter1397
2HPAdapter18.5V 4.9A Small Yellow TipAdapter1397
1HPPavilion dv7Phenom TC 2.1, 4GB, 2x320, DVD-RW, 7, CAMN830, 18.5/3.5 Small TipLaptop1397
8HPS203120" LCD MonitorLCD1930
2HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A Blue TipAdapter1413
26HPAdapter18.5V 3.5A Small Yellow TipAdapter1397
1HP600 G1i5 QC 3.4, 4GB, 180SSD, DVD-RW, 84th GenTower1652
1HPP24VG424" LCD MonitorLCD1774
1HP640 G1i5 DC 2.5, 8GB, 320, DVD-RW, 8, CAM, 19.5/3.33R4th GenLaptop1638
2HPM401dwLaserJet PrinterPrinter1638
1HPM601LaserJet PrinterPrinter1638
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular Tip (71)Adapter1638
1HP19V - 4.74A19V - 4.74A - Regular Tip (19)Adapter1638
38HP11 G4Chromebook 19.5V - 2.31A - Blue TipChromebook1575
1HP11 G5Chromebook 19.5V - 2.31A - Blue TipChromebook1575
1HPdc5800C2D TowerTower1774
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19V - 2.31A - BT(1)Adapter1830
1HPJ8693A48-Port Gigabit Swtich + PoENetworking1860
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19V - 3.33A - BT(2)Adapter1830
2HP800 G2i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 86th GenTower1571
5HP8300i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 83rd GenTower1571
3HP8200i5 QC 3.1, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 72nd Gen, SFFDesktop1617
2HPC9700ABlack TonerToner1765
1HP11 G3Chromebook, 19.5/2.31 Blue TipChromebook1821
1HP2740pC2D LaptopLaptop1821
2HP11 G4Chromebook, 19.5/3.33 - Blue TipChromebook1651
2HPDL380 G5Xeon QC 3.0x2, 16GB, No HDD's, ComboServer1555
1HP11 G4Chromebook, 19./3.33 - BTChromebook1821
2HP400 G1i3 DC 3.6, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW 84th GenDesktop1821
1HP800 G1i7 QC 3.4, 12GB, 240SSD, DVD-RW, 84th GenTower1652
1HP92274A74A Black Microfine TonerToner1765
3HP8300i5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, 73rd Gen, SFFDesktop1617
1HP92298A98A Microfine TonerToner1765
1HP8100i5 DC 3.2, 1GB. 250GB, DVD-RW, 71st GenDesktop1617
1HPJ9085a24-Port Gigabit Switch + PoENetworking1613
1HPJ4813A24-Port SwtichUNTESTEDNetworking1845
1HPML350Xeon HC 2.4, 32GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, No COAE5-2620Server1845
1HPML350p2xXeon HC 2.0, 65GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, No COAE5-2620Server1845
1HPZbook 17 G3i7 Laptop, 19.5/10.3 - Blue TipNo ACLaptop1607
2HP840i7 DC 2.1, 8GB, 500GB, No OD,CAM,8,19.5/3.33 - RTPassword Protected, 4th GenLaptop1607
1HP8200i5 QC 3.3, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, 72nd GenDesktop1617
1HP840i5 DC 1.9, 4GB, 128 SSD, CAM, 104th Gen, No AcsLaptop1617
1HPP240va24" Widescreen LCD MonitorLCD1822
1HPVL 5/133 MTPiii TowerTower1774
5HP8300i5 QC 3.2, 4GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 73rd GenDesktop1863
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular Tip (5)Adapter1523
1HPC9704ABlack TonerToner1765
1HPQ5942A42A Black TonerToner1765
1HPCE403YCMagenta TonerToner1859
1HP840i5 DC 1.9, 8GB, No HDD, No OD, Win 8, CAM4th Gen, No A/C'sLaptop1623
1HPDL38eGen 8 ServerServer1774
9HP800 G1i5 DC 2.0, 8GB, No HDD, No OD, 8 Embedded4th Gen, USFFDesktop1623
9HP800 G1i5 DC 2.9, 4GB, No HDD, No OD, 7 Pro4th Gen, USFFDesktop1623
1HPZ210i5 QC 3.3, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1623
1HP840 G3i5 DC 2.4, 8GB, No HDD,No OD,CAM,10,19.5/3.33 - BT6th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1798
6HPChromebook 14 G3Chromebook, 19.5/2.31 Blue Tip5 A/CsChromebook1764
12HP8200i5 QC 3.1, 2GB, 120SSD, DVD-RW, 72nd Gen, SFFDesktop1851
5HP11 G5 EEChromebook, 19.5V/2.31A - Blue TipChromebook1651
1HPZbook 15u G3i7 Laptop - No RAM/HDD, CAM, 10, 19.5/3.33BTUNTESTED, No AC'sLaptop1678
7HP3500i5 DC 3.4, 2GB, 500, DVD RW, 8 Embedded3rd GenTower1808
8HPZ420Xeon ES-1603 2.8, 8GB, 500, DVD RW, 7 ProTower1808
2HP600 M601LaserJet PrinterPrinter1685
1HP350 G1i5 DC 1.6, 8GB, 500GB, No OD, CAM, 84th Gen, No ACLaptop1863
6HP450 G4i3 Laptop - No RAM/HDD, DVDRW, CAM, 10, 19.5/2.31B7th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1807
2HP600 G3i5 QC 3.4, 4GB, No HDD, RW, 107th Gen, MicroTowerTower1807
1HPML350p Gen 8Xeon 10C 3.0 (x2), 64GB, No HDD's, RW, Win.Srv2008Server1880
2HPProliant ML310e Gen8Xeon QC 3.4, 16GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, No COAE3-1240 V2Server1652
10HP11 G5Chromebook, 19.5/3.33 - BTNo AC'sChromebook1807
1HP8200i5 QC 3.3, 4GB, DVD-RW, 72nd GenDesktop1863
1HP8200i7 QC 3.4, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1792
1HP15V - 3A15V - 3A - Type-C (1)Adapter1693
1HP19.5V - 4.62A19.5V - 4.62A - Regular Tip (3)Adapter1536
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Regular Tip (1)Adapter1536
1HP15V - 3A15V - 3A - USB C (1)Adapter1744
1HP18.5V - 3.5A18.5V - 3.5A - Regular Tip (2)Adapter1536
1HP19.5V - 2.31A19.5V - 2.31A - Blue Tip (1)Adapter1744
1HP8200i7 QC 3.4, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 72nd GenTower1708
1HPJ9773A24 Port SwitchNetworking1892
1HPJ9145A24 Port SwitchNetworking1892
1HPJ8697A6-Slot ChassisUNTESTEDNetworking1892
1HPJ9773A24-Port Gigabit Switch + PoEUNTESTEDNetworking1892
5HP440i5 LaptopLaptop1799
2HP6300i5 QC 3.2, 4GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 83rd GenTower1571
3HP4520si3 DC 2.2, 4GB, 320GB, DVD RW, CAM, 71st Gen, No AC'sLaptop1550
5HP8300i5 QC 3.4, 2GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, 73rd GenDesktop1863
1HP305AToner SetToner 1Toner1547
1HP19.5V - 3.33A19.5V - 3.33A - Blue Tip (32)Adapter1744
6HP8200i5 QC 3.1, 2GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 72nd GenDesktop1863
1HPx360 11 G1Touchscreen Chromebook, 15/3 Type-CChromebook1809
1HPProliant ML310e Gen2Xeon QC 3.3, 8GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, No COAE3-1230 V3Server1652
1HP8200i5 QC 3.3, 4GB, No HDD, DVD-RW, 73rd GenDesktop1863
4IBM3692 44V158SAS YO Cable 3M - 3GB/sNOT TESTED, LOC: NetworkingNetworking1806
1IBMPower 720Power7+ CPU, 128GB RAM, No HDDPower TestedServer1806
2IBME870 9119MMESAS Drive InclosurePower TestedServer1806
1icleverIC-BK10Bluetooth KeyboardLOC: APPLE, No CordKeyboard1901
5InsigniaNS-20EM50A1320" LCD MonitorLCD1930
1InsigniaNS-P10A710010.1" 32GB Tablet (Black)Tablet1394
1JabraEVOLVE 2Head SetEBAY 1Audio1651
4JBLJRX115iStage SpeakerAudio1857
2Jelly CombKBBluetooth Keyboard For MacOS1 CordKeyboard1901
12JuniperSRX2208-Port Gigabit Security Gateway ApplianceNetworking1602
2JuniperSRX300Enterprise Services GatewayNetworking1602
3JVCRX5000VReceiverLOC: EBAYAudio1549
15JVCRX6030VReceiverLOC: EBAY, 5 w/Light DamageAudio1549
1LanierLP137CNLaser PrinterPrinter1365
6Lenovo20v-2.25a20v - 2.25a Square TipAdapter1415
1LenovoT450si7 DC 2.6, 12GB, 128 SSD, CAM, 105th Gen, No AcsLaptop1617
3LenovoT450i5 DC 2.3, 8GB, 256 SSD, CAM, 105th Gen, No AcsLaptop1617
1Lenovo4XA0E97775ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD BurnerNew In BoxAccessory1656
1LenovoN23Chromebook, 15/3 - Small TipNo ACChromebook1839
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A Square TipAdapter1351
1Lenovo19v-3.42a19v- 3.42a Small Yellow TipAdapter1415
12LenovoN22*No AC's, 20/2.25 - Reg TipChromebook1726
3Lenovo11e ChromebookChromebook 20/2.25AChromebook1739
2LenovoN21Chromebook, 20/2.25 Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1822
4LenovoM93pi5 QC 3.2, 8GB, 500, DVD-RW, 84th GenDesktop1617
1LenovoN23Chromebook, 20/2.25 - Type-CTOUCHSCREEN, No AC'sChromebook1807
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - SQT(3)Adapter1830
4LenovoT2254Pc22" Widescreen LCD MonitorLCD1816
1LenovoThinkpad 13i5 LaptopLaptop1820
2Lenovo20v-3.25a20v - 3.25a Circle TipAdapter1164
22Lenovo20V - 3.25A20V - 3.25A Square TipAdapter1413
1Lenovo20/2.2520V / 2.25 Ultra Small TipAdapter1329
1Lenovo6411-2B4Storage Appliance - No HDD'sStorage1667
1LenovoM710ti7 QC 3.6, No RAM, No HDD, RW, 107th GenTower1929
1LenovoW530i7 Laptop, 20V/6.75A - YCTNOT TESTED, No ACLaptop1619
6Lenovo20V - 4.5A20V - 4.5A Square TipAdapter1412
2Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A Square TipAdapter1412
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - USB-CAdapter1352
3LenovoN23Chromebook 20V/2.25A - Small TipChromebook1942
41Lenovo20v-3.25a20v - 3.25a Square TipAdapter1415
1Lenovo20/3.2520V/3.25A - Type-C (1)Adapter1702
2Lenovo20V - 4.5A20V - 4.5A Circle TipAdapter1413
1Lenovo6411-1B4Storage Appliance - No HDD'sStorage1667
2LenovoN21Chromebook, 20/2.25 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1839
3LenovoN21Chromebook, 20/2.25 - Small TipNo AC's, CD2 (3), CIMCO: (3)Chromebook1812
1Lenovo20/3.2520V / 3.25 Yellow Circle TipAdapter1329
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - Small Tip (1)Adapter1693
8LenovoN22Celeron DC 1.6, 4GB, 64GB SSD, No OD, 10, CAMLaptop1490
1Lenovo100eChromebook 15V/3A - Type CChromebook1863
1LenovoYoga 11eCeleron QC 1.6, 4GB, 120GB, No OD, Win 10, CAMTouchscreen, No ACLaptop1550
4LenovoN22Chromebook, 20V - 2.25A Small TipChromebook1900
6LenovoN22Chromebook, 20/2.25 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1860
1LenovoE540i3 DC 2.4, 4GB, 500, DVD-RW, 8, CAM, 20/3.25ST4th GenLaptop1900
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - Small Tip (16)Adapter1495
1Lenovo20V - 3.25A - USB C20V - 3.25A - USB C (1)Adapter1901
1LenovoYoga 11eCeleron QC 1.83, 4GB, 500, No OD, 8 EmbTouchscreen, No ACLaptop1550
5Lenovo300eChromebook 15V/3A - Type CTouchscreenChromebook1863
2Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - USB CAdapter1417
1LenovoM73i3 DC 3.0, 12GB, 500GB SSD, No OD, 84th Gen, SFFDesktop1895
1Lenovo75Y6016AMD DC 2.2, 2 GB, 320GB, OD, CAM, 7Athlon II P340, No AC'sLaptop1550
1LenovoX131eAMD DC 1.7, 4GB, 500, No OD, CAM, 8No AC'sLaptop1550
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A USTAdapter1450
49Lenovo14wA6 DC 1.8, 4GB, 64GB SSD, No OD, 10, CAMA6-9220CLaptop1490
2LenovoM93pi5 QC 3.2, 2GB, 500, DVD-RW, 84th GenDesktop1863
1Lenovo20V - 3.25A20V - 3.25A - Square Tip (25)Adapter1860
6Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - Small TipAdapter1469
3LenovoN21Chromebook, 20/2.25 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1860
15LenovoN23Chromebook, 20/2.25 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1860
6Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A Square TipAdapter1413
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - Small Tip (6)Adapter1603
1Lenovo20V/2.25A20V/2.25A - Square Tip (1)Adapter1772
1LenovoE540i3 DC 2.4, 4GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, CAM, 84th GenLaptop1892
12Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - USB CAdapter1424
1LenovoN22Touchscreen Chromebook, 20/2.25 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1792
1Lenovo13Chromebook, 20/2.25 Type CNo AcsChromebook1893
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - Small Tip (11)Adapter1506
1Lenovo20V - 3.25A20V - 3.25A - Circle Tip (9)Adapter1445
1LenovoE545AMD A6-5350M 2.9, 4GB, 500, DVD ROM, 8 Emb, CAMLaptop1882
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A Ultra Small Tip (3)Adapter1505
1LenovoE520i5 DC 2.3, 4GB, 500, DVD ROM, 8 Emb, CAM2nd GenLaptop1882
2LenovoT450i5 DC 2.3, 8GB, 256GB SSD, No OD, CAM, 105th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1863
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A USB-C (3)Adapter1505
2LenovoW540i7 Laptop4th GenLaptop1434
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25 - Small Tip (22 AC's)Adapter1436
1Lenovo20V - 4.5A20V - 4.5A - Yellow Tip (5)Adapter1506
1LenovoT450si7 DC 2.6, 12GB, 128GB SSD, No OD, CAM, 105th Gen, No AC'sLaptop1863
1Lenovo20V - 2.25A20V - 2.25A - Square Tip (12)Adapter1506
1LGGpad F2 8.01.5 OC, 2GB, 16GBTablet1830
3LinksysSR2024Network SwitchNetworking1618
1Lite-On19V - 2.1A19V - 2.1A - Smal Tip (32)Adapter1456
2Lite-On15V - 3A15V - 3A - USB CAdapter1344
1Lite-On19V - 3.42A19V - 3.42A - Small Tip - (16)Adapter1511
13Lite-On19V - 3.42A19V - 3.42A - Small TipAdapter1432
1Lite-On256GB m.2256GB M.2 SSDNOT WIPEDHDD1315
1Lite-On19V - 3.42A19V - 3.42A - Ultra Small Tip (3)Adapter1693
110Lite-On19V - 2.1A19V - 2.1A Small TipAdapter1360
1LogitechSlim ComboSlim Combo For 12.9 Inch Ipad ProTablet1685
3Lucent TechnologiesPartner-18DIP PhoneTelecom1930
1MACALLYACEBTKEYABluetooth KeyboardNo CordKeyboard1901
1Magnavox19MF338B/F719" LCD TVTV1495
1Master CamCAD/CAM X2CAD/CAM SYSTEMEBAY 1Software1651
1Maxwell16 MDxPurification SystemCAN'T REMOVE DATAMedical1522
1Microsoft1645Surface 3 - 64GBTablet1447
1Microsoft182410" Surface Go - 128GB + No OS, 15V-1.6A1 ACTablet1754
10Microsoft182410" Surface Go - 64GB + No OS, 15V-1.6A10 ACsTablet1754
1Microsoft12V - 9A12V - 9A Small CTAdapter1235
1Microsoft1916Microsoft Surface EarbudsNo ACAudio1754
2Microsoft1724 Surface Pro 4i7 DC 2.2, 8GB, 256SSD, Windows 10 Installed6th Gen, No ACsTablet1887
2MicrosoftSurface Pro 3i3 DC 1.5, 4GB, 64GB SSD, No OD, 84020YTablet1588
1Microsoft1796 Surface Pro 5M3 DC 1.0, 4GB, 128GB SSD, Windows 8M3-7Y30, No A/C'sTablet1623
1Microsoft1796i5 DC 2.6, 4GB, 128SSD, Windows 107300U, No ACTablet1778
1Microsoft1645Surface 3 Tablet - 64GBNo ACTablet1797
1Microsoft1796 Surface Pro 2017i7 DC 2.5, 8GB ,256SSD, Windows 10 Installed7th Gen, No ACsTablet1887
1MicrosoftSurfaceSurface TabletTablet1742
1Microsoft1796 Surface Pro 6i5 QC 1.7, 8GB, 128SSD, Windows 88th Gen, No A/C'sTablet1623
1Microsoft1657AtomX7 QC 1.6, 4GB ,128GB SSD, Cam, 10Z8700Tablet1732
1Midmark100-011Medical Exam TableMedical1108
1Midmark100Exam TableMedical1131
1MinoltaMaxxum AF Lens 70-210Camera Lenscam1588
1MinoltaMaxxum AF Lens 28-85Camera Lenscam1588
3MitelUC360Confrence PhoneTelecom1413
1NECNP-M300XSHDMI ProjectorProjector1669
1NECNP-UM361XHDMI ProjectorProjector1583
1NECM322XHDMI ProjectorProjector1759
1NECM300XHDMI ProjectorProjector1759
11NetgearGS110TP8 Port SwitchNetworking1696
1NetgearGS108PEv38 Port SwitchNetworking1696
1NetgearM7100-24X24 Port SwitchNetworking1667
1NetgearPOE-SW8018 Port SwitchNetworking1696
3NetgearGS108PE8 Port SwitchNetworking1856
1NetgearGS108P8 Port SwitchNetworking1696
1NetgearWC7520Wireless ControllerUNTESTEDNetworking1798
1NetgearRNR-4A4-Bay Network StorageNetworking1774
1NortelT7316ESpeaker PhoneTelecom1688
1Oklahoma Sound CorpPRA 7000Portable PA SystemAudio1651
1OpenMeshA60Dual-Band Wireless Access PointNOT TESTEDNetworking1613
1OWLLabsMTW200Smart Video Conferencing Webcam/SpeakerVideography1597
2OWLLabsMeeting OWL Pro360 Video Conferencing CameraUNTESTEDTelecom1714
20PanasonicPT-RZ370UDLP ProjectorProjector1936
2PanasonicFZ-G1i5 TabletNOT TESTED (No AC)Tablet1619
1PanasonicVW431DULCD ProjectorProjector1439
9PanasonicPT-RW330UDLP ProjectorProjector1936
1Panasonic16V - 3.75A16V - 3.75A RTAdapter1365
1PelcoDX8100Digital Video RecorderVideography1502
1PlanarPT1500MUResistive Touchscreen LCD MonitorNOT TESTEDLCD1688
4Polk AudioT15SpeakerseBay 2Audio1558
1PolycomVVX 301IP PhoneTelecom1774
3PolycomVVX 600IP Conference PhoneTelecom1880
1Powerware20UPS UnitUPS1324
1PromaximaP151Leg Extension MachineFitness1496
1QNAPTS-469 ProNetwork Attached StorageStorage1774
2RicohMP C300RADF, Print, Scan, Dup, PedCopier1316
2RicohMPC5503All-In-One Printer/CopierCopier1351
1Ritter100Exam TableMedical1131
1Ritter100-008Exam TableMedical1131
2Ritter100-023Exam TableMedical1131
1RuckusZoneflex 7372Wireless Access PointNetworking1850
1RuckusNar-5520Wireless LAN ControllerNetworking1802
1SamsungUN75J6300AF75" LED TVTV1604
1SamsungGalaxy S4Cellular PhoneCellular1435
17SamsungXE203C12Chromebook 12/3.33 - Reg TipNo AC'S, LOC: (17), CIMCO: (1)Chromebook1617
1SamsungGalaxy S7Cellular PhoneCellular1435
9SamsungSM-T350Galaxy Tab A 8.0 - 16GB WiFiTablet1434
53Samsung5.3V - 2A5.3V - 2A BlockLOC; TAB1Adapter1234
1SamsungSM-T337VGalaxy Tab 4 - 16GB WiFi + 4G/LTETablet1434
1SamsungGalaxy S7Galaxy S7 - 32GB - Sprint (Black Oynx)CDMACellular1103
3SamsungXE303C12Chromebook 12/3.33A Ultra Small TipChromebook1863
19SamsungXO303C12Chromebook, 12/3.33 - Small TipNo AC's, LOC: CD5 (84) CD1 (58) CD2 (19), CIMCO (47)Chromebook1682
10SamsungXE303C12Chromebook, 12/3.33 - Small TipNo AC'sChromebook1860
1SamsungB223022" LCD MonitorLCD1930
1SamsungSM-G955UGalaxy S8+ 64GB U.S. Cellular (Black Oynx)Cellular1359
9SamsungXE303CChromebook, 12/3.33 - USTNo AC'S, LOC: CD2 (9), CIMCO (1)Chromebook1812
1Seagate2TB2TB External HDDExternal1155
2SherwoodRX-4105AM/FM Stereo ReceiverAudio1685
1Sigma28-70Camera Lenscam1588
1SMART03-00182SMART Response XEUntestedEducation1605
1SMARTSPNL-406565" Interactive Flat PanelEducation1197
1SMART406565" LED Interactive Flat PanelLCD1329
1SonicwallNSA 2650Network Security ApplianceNetworking1892
1SonosBR100Wireless BridgeNetworking1930
1SonySTR-DG820ReceiverLOC: EBAYAudio1549
1Steris430Amsco Medium Steam SterilizerMedical1401
1SterisEPSEndoscope Processing SystemDOM: 2008Medical1134
1SymbolMC9190Barcode ScannerUNTESTEDScanner1667
1Systor7DVDP20X250GC7Bay DVD DuplicatorStorage1514
1Targus19.5V - 4.61A19.5V - 4.61A RTAdapter1365
1TelexFMR-70Wireless Microphone SystemAudio1821
1TenveoTEVO-VHD203U1080p Video Conference Web CameraUNTESTEDNetworking1708
1TiemanGroupOptelec ClearView+Video Magnifiercam1583
1TokinaEL 28mmCamera Lenscam1588
1TokinaAT-X 35-200Camera Lenscam1588
1TokinaRMC 80-200Camera Lenscam1588
1Toshiba19V 2.37A19V - 2.37A - Small TipAdapter1322
1Toshiba15V - 5A15V - 5A Regular TipAdapter1297
6Toshiba19V - 2.37A19V - 2.37A Small TipAdapter1274
1Toshiba15V - 5A15V - 5V - Regular TipAdapter1269
1Toshiba19V - 3.42A19V - 3.42A - Small Tip (1)Adapter1693
1Toshiba19V - 3.95A19V - 3.95A - Regular TipAdapter1217
1Toshiba19V - 2.37A19V - 2.37A - Small Tip (38)Adapter1592
1ToshibaWORNChromebookNo ACChromebook1816
3TP-LINKTL-WR941NDWireless RouterRouter1930
1TP-LINKTL-SG108PE8 Port SwitchNetworking1696
1TrendnetTE100 S16E16-Port Mini SwitchNetworking1930
1UbiquitiES-48-500W48-Port Gigabit Switch + PoENetworking1602
1VarianCP-3800Gas ChromatographIndustrial1182
1ViewSonicVS1639322" LCD MonitorLCD1774
2WatchguardKL5AE8Firewall ApplianceSecurity1713
1YamahaMS101 IIMonitor SpeakerAudio1553
12YamahaPSR-520Electronic KeyboardAudio1139
1ZAGGSlim BookSlim Book For 12.9 Inch Ipad ProTablet1685
1Zebra140XiIIBarcode Label PrinterCheck StatusPrinter1741
1Zebra105SLLabel PrinterPrinter1856
1Zebra170XiIIBarcode Label PrinterCheck StatusPrinter1741
1Zebra105SLLabel PrinterPrinter1859
8ZspaceZspace300i3 DC 3.8, 8GB, 500, No OD, 104th Gen, AR/VR DisplayAll-In-One1860

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